L'Ecole Bilingue Elementary School

Vancouver's first French Immersion program opened its lead class at David Lloyd George Elementary School in 1973.  Shortly afterwards, due to rapid growth, we moved to our current site on West 14th Avenue, a lovely red-brick heritage building once knows as Cecil Rhodes Elementary.  Since its humble beginnings, our school has continued to flourish and - with close to 500 students - remains Vancouver's largest and most established French Immersion centre.

While the majority of our students are English-speaking, our community is enriched by a wide variety of linguistic backgrounds.  Entry to French Immersion being restricted to new Kindergarten and grade 1 students, most of our students enjoy the stability of an entire elementary education in one school and the benefits of long-standing friendships and on-going connections with the staff.

Like all early French Immersion programs, l'Ecole Bilingue owes its creation to parent groups who lobbied for French language education of this nature for their children.  Decades later, the tradition of parental involvement continues to be very strong, as does the sense of community and common purpose.  In addition to the Parent Advisory Committee and the School Planning Council, parents are involved in a wide variety of committees that offer opportunities for active participation.


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 Madrona School Society

Madrona School is a non-profit society and registered charity. Our goal is to empower the students through the development of critical thinking and self-respect. Our challenging academic program is extremely effective in preparing students for their high school years. We believe it is important to focus on basic skills, study skills, as well as creativity. Students are strongly encouraged to respect one another and listen to each other's ideas. Spirited discussions and debates are an important part of our unique program. We offer a warm and nurturing environment. Our flexible program allows students many choices, especially in the areas of reading, writing, and research.

The maximum enrollment for our entire school is 28 students. We have a large, open classroom, a computer lab, a library, a multi-purpose room, and an office.

During recess and lunch, our students walk over the pedestrian overpass to Charleson Park. This is a quick three minute walk. There they play basketball, soccer, and many other sports and games. We go outside every day, regardless of the weather. Our PE program includes outdoor sports at Charleson Park, gym time at Douglas Park Community Centre, and skating at Kitsilano Community Centre. We also make trips to Grouse Mountain, Cliffhanger, hiking in Lynn Valley, etc.


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St. John's Elementary & Secondary School

St. John’s is a university preparatory school committed to providing a challenging academic environment in which students acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to enable them to take a leadership role in society long after they have left our care. St. John’s celebrates and embraces the diversity in culture and natural ability within the school community.

St. John's Senior School, founded in 1986, offers a university preparatory curriculum for students on the west side of Vancouver. Graduates earn a Dogwood Certificate from the British Columbia Ministry of Education and a St. John's School Graduation Certificate from the school.

Students are provided the opportunity to pursue a full co- and extra-curricular program involving athletics, community service, and the visual and performing arts. Students may also sit for Advanced Placement examinations.

St. John's School is fully accredited by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and is a member of the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and the Federation of Independent Schools Association (FISA).


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Ecole Saint Sacrement
Blessed Sacrament Elementary School 

As a French Immersion school, we offer children the opportunity to learn to communicate in French at school and in society. Our aim is to help each student develop oral and written fluency in French, while learning about French heritage.


Our goal is to increase the students' awareness of God's goodness, and His presence and action in their lives. Through basic teachings of our Catholic faith, we strive to develop in the students an ability to weigh moral values with an upright conscience; and to encourage an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ and the Christian (Church) community.

This will be achieved through daily prayer , daily study of the Word of God, participation in liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations and the daily experience of living in a Christian Community


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False Creek Elementary School

False creek elementary is a public school in the City of Vancouver. Their philosophy and objectives are consistent with those of the Ministry of Education, and the Vancouver School Board. They attempt to provide an education to meet the needs of all the children in the community. They stress the basic curriculum as well as the development programs for social skills, and emotional stability. Fine arts, sports, and technology are also an integral part of their curriculum


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